Eric Sandosham

Getting Started with Business Analytics — A Practical Guide to Achieving 50x ROI

Eric is the co-founder of Red & White Consulting Partners LLP (R&W), a boutique consulting firm specializing in Business Engineering, Financial Analytics, Business Analytics, and Human Analytics. R&W is a Thakral One partner organization.

As the former Customer Intelligence Practice Lead for SAS Institute North Asia, Eric has led the organization’s CI business growth and business advisory capabilities. He was previously Managing Director and Head of Citibank’s Decision Management function for Asia Pacific, where he led a team of 330 analysts across 14 countries. The team’s innovative and extensive work contributed to 25% of Citi's consumer bank revenues in the region.  

Dermot McCutcheon

Creating Competitive Advantage by Delivering an Unparalleled Omni-Channel Customer Experience  

As Regional Director of Customer Intelligence, Dermot McCutcheon works with the leading brands across banks, telcos, retailers and online publishers in South Asia as they plan and execute their marketing transformations to improve their overall customer experience. Over the past 15 years Dermot has been entrenched in the marketing evolution from analytical CRM, to outbound marketing, event-based marketing, through to today’s goal of leveraging the consumers adoption of mobile devices and digital engagement to deliver a true omni-channel experience.