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The Analytics Response: A series of virtual sessions around AI and Analytics and their use in the time of crisis and beyond.  From the comfort of your home.

Please join us in this series of virtual sessions where we have Industry Experts and Thought Leaders address the different industries' impact of the crisis, and how Analytics and AI can play a crucial role during and post the Pandemic.

"We are working with our customers to find ways to help them serve their customers and constituents through this difficult time by helping the public sector predict the spread of the virus, ensuring strong supply chains for medical, food and retail supplies, and optimizing health care workforces and facilities."  Dr.Jim Goodnight CEO SAS

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Analytics Session

Resilience & Analytics, what we can learn from the pandemic

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, organizations had to adapt to quickly changing market conditions and mobilize their data and analytics resources to make informed decisions. In many ways, this crisis has proven to be an accelerator of digital transformation. 

There has been a growing realization of how much we rely on data and analytics to adapt and survive and the importance of agile, effective analytics processes. Steps have been taken in the heat of the crisis that will have long-lasting positive impacts on our ability to weather any storms. 

More than ever, we need efficient, automated analytics processes, open cloud-based architectures, data literacy, and a culture of self-sufficiency, cross-functional collaboration and innovation.

Live Date:
June 30th, 2020 , 3:00 pm (CET)

Data Science Session

How SAS can assist data scientists overcome challenges compounded by remote working

In the current landscape, we all find ourselves in, working from home is our new reality. As data scientists, we are familiar in our natural habitat of working on digital platforms, but some of the obstacles we do face are amplified. Simple things like communicating and collaborating become a challenge.

Best practices in data management and machine learning can help you avoid some of these challenges and ensure your team works more effectively. SAS provides the tools you need to ensure these best practices are in place and empower data scientists by giving them more at their disposal


Customer Experience Session

The Power of Digital to Bridge the Physical Distancing Gap

In these unprecedented times, customer behavior has changed; restrictions on off-line points-of-sale and ongoing stay at home orders have resulted in limited traffic in purchases, thus driving the demand to online channels. As a result, our customer profiles are also changing, models that previously predicted and forecasted consumer behavior are no longer accurate.
As the customer is the center of your universe, the decisions you make around each one at every stage of their journey with you dictate the quality of their experience with your brand. At SAS, we have helped thousands of organizations such as yours succeed, by helping them make the best decisions at every stage of every customer relationship. We provide this through a comprehensive, unified, organically developed customer engagement and decisioning platform which lets you manage all aspects of the customer engagement. 


Banking Session: Fraud

Combat Payment Fraud in the time of Crisis 

The rapid proliferation of COVID-19 has placed additional strain on existing payment networks as increased transactions are made via online channels and mobile devices. Minimizing the impact of fraudulent activity takes on heightened importance in a time of crisis: reducing disruption and preventing financial losses are imperatives. Payment and banking fraud losses should be reduced while maintaining a positive, productive customer experience in an increasingly digitalized world. SAS helps rapidly identify genuine suspicious transactions at the earliest stage, making extensive use of automation for maximum operational efficiency and optimal resource allocation, complying with relevant regulations, and providing continuous 24x7 protection. 


Utilities Session

COVID-19 impact on Utilities, the role of Load Forecasting & changing imperatives of Revenue Assurance the start till recovery & beyond 

Power consumption has already gone from 10% to 40%. Therefore it is important for the utilities to ascertain the imbalance with the machine learning based forecasting approach and hierarchical planning systems.  Coupled with the meltdown of global oil prices, RE generation may face a challenge from procurement support for a large period that may hit profits.
With #workfromhome & #socialdistancing also being practiced by the utilities, the leadership team needs to gear up to optimize investment, build innovative grid operations & maintenance approach to keep the lights on.


Government Session

Using Analytics and AI to help Government to support outbreaks and disasters

With the increase in public spending brought about by situations such as COVID-19 and natural disasters, Governments around the world have to dig deep and run budgets into red to cover these costs. This situation has made it even more imperative as not only are Government benefits and exemptions be compromised but fraudsters are also playing on the fears of citizens and organizations. The support can be by providing targeting and risk management capabilities to gain insight from the department’s data or cross-Government data where applicable. This presentation will cover some key use cases that will focus on key targeting strategies including:
  • Contact Tracing of COVID-19 patients through investigations and Social Network analysis
  • Tax and Benefits screening to screen special policies related to COVID-19 and other special initiatives
  • Screening for high-value commodities to express clearance or target risky goods and commodities.


Retail Session

How the retail industry can embrace the new reality in demand, supply and customer experience domains 

 We are in unprecedented times. Supply and demand across the industry has changed beyond recognition as we, as a nation, act to respond to the coronavirus. Retailers need to manage and optimize their supply chains to cope with the current crisis. Forecasting demand and ensuring the supply of essential and non-essential goods - in-store and online – as we enter different phases of the outbreak, with no blueprint to fall back on, is a huge test for retailers of all shapes and sizes.


Banking Session: Risk

Immediately identify and remediate COVID-19 impacts with a Risk & Finance Impact Lab 

As the impact of the pandemic increases banks must continuously review their lending activities and exposures. This involves active NPL portfolio management, including loan modifications, portfolio liquidations, and an accurate understanding of accounting treatments. Credit risk managers must identify and manage high-risk segments of the banking book. This includes vulnerable individual customers and distressed small and medium-sized businesses. Banks must also meet the needs of their most valuable customers, with a focus on effective management and retention activities. SAS has the analytical solutions needed to help firms – and their clients – safely navigate a period of unprecedented credit demand.


Insurance Session

 Insurance distribution in times of uncertainty: Using analytics to support best practice market conduct in the insurance industry. How to deploy machine learning to address agency gaming and mis-selling. 

The decrease in Sales and average premium rates in Insurance due to the outbreak of Coronavirus puts under pressure Sales and Distribution channels and may increase internal fraud. The insurance agent remains one of the most important sales channel for many insurers and there is increased attention of insurance regulators, and the media, in poor sales practice of some of these agents. The pressure remains on insurers to detect mis-selling and agent gaming as quickly as possible;  to stamp out this risk. In this seminar we’ll highlight an analytically driven approach to detect agent gaming and mis-selling, to complement existing warning processes and procedures that the insurer already has in place


Telco Session

Addressing the New Challenges in the Telco Industry in the Time of Crisis 

COVID-19 poses many challenges for the telecom industry: how can we help to prevent the spread of the virus? How can we maintain Service Assurance and Quality of Service as a connection can literally become a life-line and traffic patterns are very unstable and unpredictable? And as retail shops and outlets are closed: how can we shift faster to digital channels, speed up digital transformation? 

Based on real-life use cases we will tackle these questions showing how SAS analytics can come to the rescue of many challenges telecom companies are faced with.


SAS is more committed than ever to the belief that knowledge is empowering. As an analytics leader, we are using our most advanced technology in innovative ways to help our customers across every industry combat the coronavirus outbreak.

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