Government Session

Using Analytics and AI to help Government to support outbreaks and disasters


About the Episode

With the increase in public spending brought about by situations such as COVID-19 and natural disasters, Governments around the world have to dig deep and run budgets into the red to cover these costs. This situation has made it even more imperative as not only are Government benefits and exemptions be compromised but fraudsters are also playing on the fears of citizens and organizations. SAS can help by providing targeting and risk management capabilities to provide insight from the department’s data or cross-Government data where applicable. This presentation will cover some key use cases that will focus on key targeting strategies including:

  • Contact Tracing of COVID-19 patients through investigations and Social Network analysis
  • Tax and Benefits screening to screen special policies related to COVID-19 and other special initiatives
  • Screening for high-value commodities to express clearance or target risky goods and commodities.

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Joseph Musolino

Global Strategy and Sales lead – Fraud and Security Intelligence, SAS

Joseph’s role in SAS is focused on Customer Advisory focusing on C-Level engagement, Digital, and Analytics transformation. This role leverages his experience in Government which has included Program Management, Solution Architecture, Sales & Marketing, Policy Creation, Operations, and Compliance. He has over 19 years’ experience in Consulting, IT, Government, Regulatory and Financial Services.