FANS Conference for ALL SAS Users

Explore the future of analytics

Stockholm | May 31 | Filmstaden Sergel and Wallmans

FANS Conferences empower and inspire with the most trusted analytics

If you’re a FANS member or a SAS user in the Nordics, please join us at this full-day FANS Conference to network, share ideas, learn new skills and discover the latest features of SAS technology.

The conference will cover a variety of topics – from data management to visual analytics – with special emphasis on the SAS® Platform - now and in the future.

The FANS Conference will end with an evening mingle at Wallmans.


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FANS members have pre-paid tickets to the FANS conference, through their membership. Company members and Partners have 15 tickets included, unless they have an extended membership. See FANS membership packages
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Stockholm, May 31

Filmstaden Sergel

Agenda at a Glance

TimeAgenda översiktAgenda översikt
08:15-09:00Registrering och frukost
09:00-09:40Conference opening - Salong 1
Talare: Christer Bodell
09:50-10:30Kortare väntetider, bättre akutsjukvård: Forecasting av efterfrågan på Stockholms Läns Landsting - Salong 1
Talare: Oskar Eriksson +  Martin Nordberg, Medical doctor Södersjukhuset
11:00-12:00Breakout Sessions (se nedan - Salong 1 & 2)
12:00-13:00Lunch + Utställning
13:00-14:30Breakout Sessions (se nedan - Salong 1 & 2)
15:00-16:00Breakout Sessions (se nedan - Salong 1 & 2)
16:10-16:45A Tale of Two SAS® Platform Engines: SAS® Viya and SAS® 9 together - Salong 1
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Talare: Kristoffer Nilsson
17:00-17:30Busstransport till kvällsevent (eller 20 min promenad)
17:30-22:30Mat, show och mingel

Breakout Sessions

TidSalong 1 - Moderator Karl BerthénSalong 1 - Moderator Karl Berthén
11:00-11:25SAS® Visual Analytics & Infographics
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Talare: Joel Jönsson + Carl-Olow Magnusson
11:30-12:00Vilka dokument avviker från det förväntade? Textanalys ger svaret
Talare: Oskar Eriksson
13:00-13:25Allt du behöver veta om machine learning och hur det används i praktiken
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Talare: Mathias Lanner + Josefin Rosén
13:30-13:55How to predict the outcome of a football match! (på engelska)
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Speaker: Sara Armandi 
14:00-14:30Hur man identifierar terroristceller med SAS® Visual Investigator
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Talare: Christopher Broxe
15:00-15:25The winning entry in the "Nordic Hack in SAS® Viya®"
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Talare: Lars Kvinge, Knowit Decision Oslo
15:30-16:00Nyheter i SAS® Visual Analytics och vad kommer i framtiden
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Talare: Carl-Olow Magnusson
TidSalong 2 - Moderator Daniel RingqvistSalong 2 - Moderator Daniel Ringqvist
11:00-11:25SAS® Enterprise Guide vs SAS® Studio - vilken är bäst för mig?
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Talare: Sofie Alfthan
11:30-12:00New SAS code possibilities for making cool graphs using ODS graphics (på engelska)
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Speaker: Sara Armandi 
13:00-13:25Nyheter i SAS® Enterprise Guide och SAS® Add-in for Microsoft Office
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Talare: Daniel Ringqvist
13:30-13:55Nyheter i SAS® Data Management
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Talare: Patric Hamilton
14:00-14:30A pragmatic approach to Privacy by Design using SAS (på engelska)
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Speaker: Filip Kildegaard
15:00-15:25Tips & Tricks för SAS-programmerare
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Talare: Gudrun Bergman
15:30-16:00"Come on, baby, light my SAS® Viya®" Det du behöver veta om CAS-programmering för att ta steget över från SAS 9 till Viya
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Talare: Johan Åkerlund

With reservation for changes in the agenda.

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