Calculating Paradise:
Welcome to West Perth.

How do you find the best place on Earth? The place with paradisiac conditions in every sense – the ideal company location, the most interesting holiday destination and the most beautiful place to live? That’s only possible with advanced analytics and machine learning.

We used the full range of SAS’ innovative analytics solutions to compare 148,233 cities in 193 countries based on 5,000,000 data points from 1,124 different data sources through machine learning – and to find the patterns and relationships that define the analytically best place on Earth: West Perth!

Big Data Analytics:
A completely new look at the world.

Figuring out the world’s best place with a special study, an international survey or popular trend scouts is impossible – they would still only reflect individual opinions and perspectives.

The objective answer is hidden in gigantic data volumes, verified facts and actual conversations. With the help of innovative data management, we have merged all of this information from big data on the SAS Platform and evaluated it by means of machine learning and data mining methods. This way, we found the place that combines all positive characteristics – based on nothing but facts.

Data Sources

A multitude of different open data sources are used to identify data. They are first categorised according to their relevance and quality, and then read and integrated.

Data Management

All structured and unstructured data are collected, managed, combined and analysed in a big data environment with integrated and automated functions, preparing them perfectly for data exploration.

Machine Learning

Based on the training set, a carefully selected algorithm finds patterns of characteristics which define places that are especially well-reviewed.


The unique predictive model rates all 148,233 cities and finds the analytical paradise matching the identified patterns most clearly.

We present ‘The Best Place on Earth’:
What makes West Perth a paradise?

West Perth is part of Perth city centre, state capital of Western Australia situated at the outlet of the Swan River into the Indian Ocean. For the first time, advanced analytics shows that out of 148,233 places all over the world, West Perth combines all considered 69 criteria in the objectively best way. Discover below some highlights of what is analytically the best place on Earth.

A paradise for anyone wanting to go further.

Infrastructure with a free travel ticket.

Each year, Perth invests 15.3 million Dollars in its completely free bus service. This provides quick and environmentally friendly travelling between different districts of the city centre. A tight network of 19 bus stations and 7 train stations in West Perth alone ensures a close connection between local recreational areas, business centres, cultural events and four renowned universities in the immediate commuting area.

A paradise for anyone wanting to discover more free space.

Nature directly at the doorstep.

West Perth invites people to relax on green spaces equivalent to the size of 5 tennis courts per resident. Just one example is the famous Kings Park, one of the largest and most beautiful city centre parks worldwide. Those who enjoy water sports, look forward to ideal conditions: Perth’s 19 white beaches are a true paradise for surfers. In addition, there are about 3,200 hours of sunlight per year, making West Perth the world’s sunniest metropolitan area.

A paradise for anyone wanting to enjoy life with all senses.

Quality of life for all tastes.

The 3,809 people living in West Perth can choose between 390 restaurants, bars and clubs in their district alone. This makes West Perth a popular destination for night owls and gourmets from all over the city. The 450 or so festivals and events with their culinary, cultural and musical highlights in Perth, taking place mostly in the summer months, shape the way of life for its more than 1,500,000 residents.

A paradise for anyone wanting to achieve more.

Unlimited career opportunities.

The largest number of self-made millionaires per resident in the world are living in Perth which is already the most important financial and economic metropolis on Australia’s west coast. According to prognosis, its population will continue to grow 11 times faster than New York City’s during the next 20 years. This great economic potential is also attracting many successful start-ups – one for about every 5,000 residents in Perth.