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Facing Up to Fast-Paced Change

Insurance is an accelerating industry: customer expectations continue to grow while the expected time to deliver shrinks. The threat posed by fraudsters is increasing as the margin for organizational error is becoming ever smaller.

It is the perfect time then, to ask how can insurance digital transformation be successfully achieved – for customers and insurers alike? 

With our expertise in the insurance field and our analytical and AI-base solutions, we can help you to reimagine your insurance digital transformation journey by creating a single decisioning brain that can derive insights from anywhere in your business and deploy them instantly. 

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Download our eBook that reveals the four key pillars every insurer must transform to future-proof their business and how SAS makes it possible. 

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Insurance Transformation. Solved
What are the four key pillars that every insurer must transform to build a healthy future – and can you do it? All is revealed in this can’t miss eBook. 


Set the gold standard in CX
Get under the hood of what customers really want – and unlock a multitude of upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


Assuring the Future of Insurance
With 64% of CIOs planning to increase business intelligence and analytics investments, learn which aspects of insurance are priorities for transformation.


Reimagine a smoother path to modernisation
How having one analytically powered decisioning brain can help insurers make many bold, transformational moves right across the business.

What’s your objective?

There is much to be transformed – and a programme of modernisation can sometimes feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Chose an area of insurance digital transformation in line with your business priorities and let’s get started reimagining your firm’s future. 

Elevate Customer Experience

A customer experience enhanced by analytics not only meets increasing customer expectations, but can also drive more value for your organisation, faster.

In-The-Moment Marketing

Real-time and streaming data has the ability to create competitive advantage. Explore how to make the right moves in real time to achieve insight-driven customer experiences that delight.

Planning for CDP Success

As customer expectations grow, it’s clear that insurers need to respond. Learn how customer data platforms (CDPs) can help meet customer needs and how to select the right one for your organisation.

Accelerating Claims Automation

Exceptional customer experience has a huge impact on retention and loyalty. Unpack how automating your claims processes can help you deliver a customer-centric practice.

Why Transformation Can Help Set the Gold Standard For CX

As embedded insurance continues to grow in popularity, we scrutinise how insurers can reimagine the customer experience to set the new gold standard.

“We have a vision that the customer should feel recognized and understood across all touchpoints. To ensure this, we need a hybrid marketing approach that lets us combine our online and offline touchpoints in the same workflows.”
Jens Green, Corporate Marketing Director at Topdanmark.


Due to separately developed digital and direct channels over time, Denmark’s second largest insurer was providing a disjointed customer journey with a bad flow of touchpoints. See how SAS CI360 de-siloed Topdanmark’s processes, delivering an omnichannel marketing approach with a real ‘wow’ experience.

Detect and Eliminate Fraud

Our hybrid analytics approach uses multi-layered detection methods to find more fraud at the individual claim or new business transaction, entity, and/or network level, making fraud analytics your first line of defence.

Fraudsters Love Digital

As insurers move to digitally transform more of the insurance process, the likelihood of fraud rises. Explore how to incorporate fraud analytics as your first line of defence.

Smarter Insurance Investigation Management

High volumes of fraud investigation lead to delays, in turn making for a less than customer-centric approach. Discover the proactive steps to take to reverse the trend and investigate more effectively.

Fraudsters Share More Intelligence Than Insurers!

When fraudsters collude with each other to exploit weaknesses in insurers’ systems, how can insurers best fight back? Should they go as far as sharing their own intellectual property?

SAS is a luminary in Celent Insurance Fraud Detection Solutions

This special Celent report reveals SAS to be a luminary in health insurance fraud detection. See what else Celent had to say about our extensive capabilities.

“It used to take our investigators six months to expose cases of organised fraud. SAS allows us to do it in 30 seconds.”
Yalcin Terlemez, IT Division Manager at Aksigorta.


An estimated 10% of insurance claims in Turkey are fraudulent, costing insurers US$591 million annually. Aksigorta, one of Turkey’s leading insurers decided to fight back using an end-to-end fraud management system from SAS. See how the company did it and increased its fraud detection rate by 66%.

Manage Risk and Regulation

Risk and regulatory non-compliance are costly. Find the strategy that keeps you ahead of continually evolving regulations and which minimizes risk thanks to SAS.

The IFRS 17 Survival Guide

You likely already have your strategy in place for IFRS 17, but we’re here to help fill in any technology gaps as well as help your team get on board with IFRS 17 – fast.

Regulatory and Finance Reporting Standard for the Insurance Industry

Thorsten Hein, Principal Product Marketing Manager in risk research and quantitative solutions at SAS speaks to Risk & Compliance magazine on current industry challenges as well as the road ahead.

How can technology help insurers with the fight against money laundering?

Money laundering is a growing threat in the insurance industry. We look at what is being done to combat it, particularly through use of AI and ML.

Insurance Risk Management Solutions from SAS.

We turn huge amounts of complex data into knowledge you can use. And for more than four decades, we’ve been doing it better than anyone.

“From the TM Asia point of view, our resources would not have been able to achieve the same level of excellence as SAS.”
Lim Hui Lam, Former Head of Operations, TM Asia.

Tokio Marine Asia

Singapore-based Tokio Marine Asia have partnered with SAS to deploy the SAS Solution for IFRS 17 across multiple entities, initially covering Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, with plans to expand to other countries.
Since deployment they have seen cost savings of up to 26% on licencing and hosting fees and a 37% reduction in run time from 8 to 5 hours. The IFRS 17 project has broken through organisational and data silos as it transforms the way information is shared, aggregates data for rapid analysis, and facilitates faster and more accurate decision making for TM Asia.

Drive Dynamic Pricing

Unlock the insight hidden within your data that enables your organisation to respond quicker to changing market conditions and to understand each customer’s unique needs so that you can offer them proactive, customer-centric pricing.

SAS Framework for Actuarial Pricing

The evolution of the economy and competition require insurers to make an ever-greater effort to respond strategically to market changes.

Beyond Price Walking

Discover how to transform customer decision-making away from cost and towards the quality of service through a proactive approach to customer-centric pricing.

Use-based insurance helps fleet operators obtain better rates

In this blog we explore how AI and ML are enabling insurers to adjust pricing dynamically based on the changing risk behaviour of customers.

SAS Actuarial Webinar Series

Join us in this live and on-demand webinar series to delve into the heart of actuarial transformation. These webinars will provide you with insights and strategies that are shaping the future of insurance and revolutionizing the actuarial function.

SAS has speed, sophistication and power.

For many commercial lines, underwriting is still a manual process. A well-known American insurance organisation believed that with the large amounts of data available to it, there had to be a better way, if only it could extract the meaningful information from within its data. With SAS, they were able to unlock analytically derived insights from its data and produce key upticks in its pricing strategy.

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Further Insights from SAS

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Believe the Hype

Hyperautomation is a key enabler in delivering digital transformation in insurance by intelligently orchestrating and streamlining complex business processes. Discover how to take advantage across your organisation.

Let SAS work harder so you can work smarter

SAS Viya’s AI-based automation aligns to your team’s needs and talents, keeping both models and progress in motion across the analytics lifecycle.  

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