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Choose Your SAS Journey - what you can expect  - explained in 1 minute !


Become a SAS Data Ninja

Data Wrangling is what SAS specialises in. Wherever you are on your data journey, we've got tips galore to share, to help you to be a Data Ninja.

SAS Viya入門

SAS Viyaは、パワフルで新しいプラットフォームです。SAS Viyaがお客様にどのような価値をもたらすかをご紹介します。


Become a Viya Admin Superhero

If you're an IT professional administering or architecting SAS Viya, this programme will get you up to speed in no time so you can be a Superhero to your users.

The Art of Data Visualization

If you want to find impactful ways to turn data into stories and share insights across your organisation, this is the journey for you.

Next Gen AML & Transaction Monitoring

If you’re an AML Analyst, investigator or manager, your strategies need to constantly evolve to keep ahead of fraudsters.

SAS Starter Kit

Whether you're a new user or refreshing your SAS skills, you'll find there's more than one way to get started.

Unmasking Fraudsters in Banking

If you’re a banking Fraud Analyst, Manager, Investigator or Data Scientist, your strategies need to constantly evolve to stay ahead of fraudsters.

Accelerate as a Data Scientist

Are you an aspiring Data Scientist? Do you want to know more about how you can apply your skills to SAS technologies?

The Agile SAS Environment with DevOps

If your developers use SAS and you have a DevOps strategy, this journey is for you.

Risk Lab Evolution

Machine Learning and AI meets regulatory compliance and decisioning - this is our journey for Credit Risk Modellers.

 SAS Viya入門

IMPORTANT NOTE: While the vast majority of content in this journey is completely free, some of the recommended e-Learning training courses have a cost associated. All of these e-Learning courses are, however, available completely for FREE for a period of 30 days when you sign up for a trial of the SAS Learning Subscription.

Please note that a SAS Profile may only sign up for the Learning Subscription trial once. If your trial has already expired, you will receive the following message when trying to sign up again, “We're sorry. Your license period has expired and the activation code is no longer valid.”.