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Turn lifeless data into transformative insights with our high-capability, low risk solution that complements your existing investments. Market-leading SAS Customer Intelligence tools intensify marketing’s strategic impact and its operational efficiency and effectiveness, for better engagement, ROI and customer experience.

In a perfect world...

There are many marketing platforms out there. But they don’t do everything perfectly. We teamed up with Accenture to understand what are marketers’ biggest frustrations with them.

Fundamental frustrations

From strategic leaders to operations aficionados, these are marketers’ top complaints:

Too much focus on too few channels

Delayed insights

Limited real-time decisioning

Outdated site experiences

Restricted personalization

Poor journey management

Additional costs to supplement basic ML & AI

Integration challenges and capability gaps

Whether you are a strategic marketer, or you’re in charge of operational campaigns rollout, or both, adding SAS Customer Intelligence into the mix will help you achieve your goals more efficiently, get through work faster and help you know your customers more intimately.

How SAS can help

Take ‘ok’ and make it ‘exceptional’

Add SAS to your current marketing platform and you’ll solve your strategic and operational challenges rapidly, while driving the commercial and customer experience value of your campaigns. Get the details on how SAS Customer Intelligence has been designed to give marketers everything they need – from real-time decisions to campaign orchestration – by reading our detailed pages below. 

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