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Research scope

We conducted a 5-minute survey on the topic of analytics and cloud. Register here to receive report with insights about:

  • How are organizations approaching the migration of mission critical applications in the public cloud?
  • Do they have the necessary migration strategies and skills in place?
  • What are their concerns and expectations?

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Survey: Road for analytics evolution

New forces are shaping the analytics ecosystem. Because of increased competition, rise in customer expectations and new, emerging technology such as AI and Machine Learning, IT departments are challenged with evolving their analytic ecosystems to meet the demands of their business partners.

How is your organization doing this? How does your Analytics Cloud strategy compare to the market?
And what do your peers think about migrating Analytics to the cloud?

Register and we can give you some insights and an industry benchmark on the topic, to answer these questions.

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Survey report to be published in fall 2019