Initiatives to improve data confidence in our next generation

Data literacy is critical to the future of work. The Batting Lab by SAS is designed to improve kids' understanding of data both on and off the field. Sports and data can be a powerful combination. Join us for this discussion. 

Batting, Analytics, and Data Literacy... It's a triple play.

Discussion triggers

  1. How important/critical is it for children to learn more about what can be done with data (and become data literate)?
  2. What are some key challenges you see in increasing data literacy among children?
  3. Which initiatives do you know that are specifically designed to increase data literacy?
  4. The Batting Lab by SAS is one such initiative. What do you think of the concept, and can this be the right approach to increase data literacy in children?
  5. What areas other than sports could be leveraged to spark excitement and increase children's data literacy?
  6. Fun question: What other sports could benefit from a data approach and become a 'Lab'? 

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