Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain: How to Avoid Scams in the New Digital Economy

Traditional banks have long avoided cryptocurrencies, but it has continuously been developing and growing into one of the major assets. Turning a blind eye away from cryptocurrency may not be a feasible option anymore. Join us as we discuss.

Discussion triggers

  1. Why should banks and public sector officials care about the world of cryptocurrency?
  2. Is crypto by its very nature on the blockchain more transparent than our current monetary system? OR does it make it easier for criminals to commit fraudulent activity?
  3. Sales of NFTs, typically purchased with cryptocurrency, reached $25 billion in 2021. From a tax perspective, how do we audit these industries?
  4. Let’s talk about cryptocurrency scams. What should businesses and consumers look out for?
  5. What’s next in the world of cryptocurrency? How should financial institutions prepare?

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