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Analytics for Fantasy Sports

What role can analytics play in fantasy sports, specifically in Fantasy Premier League? Join this tweetchat to hear & share learnings from last season and strategies for the season ahead.

Join the chat if you’re applying analytical models to #FPL (or, are considering it) or if you’re ‘just’ a casual fantasy manager interested in learning about how analytics could be used in fantasy sports.

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Discussion triggers

  1. How does fantasy sports complement your real sports experience as a fan?
  2. What are the similarities and differences between applying analytics in ‘real’ sports and ‘fantasy’ sports?
  3. What kind of analytical techniques or models can be useful to apply to fantasy sports, specifically Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?
  4. To what extent do you think analytics could be used to manage your fantasy team? Should you always apply your own ‘eye test’ as well?
  5. If you applied analytics last season, or if you just played the game as a casual manager, what were some learnings for you?
  6. Looking ahead to next season, what tip would you share, e.g. pitfalls to look out for in running models, opportunities in terms of player selection, etc.? Any tips are welcome!

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