Nordic Hackathon in
SAS® Viya® 2019

Nordic Hack in SAS® Viya®


Topic of the Challenge:

Where is my daughter?

Can we use SAS Viya, Machine learning and face recognition to find missing people in refugee camps and war zones.

When a crisis created by nature, climate change or political instability erupts, people can be forced out of their homes and on a long journey with an uncertain destination.
Eventually large groups of people fleeing from a crisis will find refuge e.g. in a refugee camp, which can consist of thousands of people.
In this mass of people, families can easily be separated due to chaotic conditions.

We want to develop a tool that can help reunite separated family members with the use of face recognition and geodata.
This solution can help humanitarian organisation locate missing family members and pin out both parts on a map for a more effective and safer reunion.
A digital missing people wall.

Click on the Play button below and watch Knowit´s contest contribution!

Team Name:

The Knowit alls

Daniel Pagoldh
Team Member

Frida Tidner
Team Member

Gleb Helgeson 
Team Member

Ivalu Rosing
Technical Lead

Lars Kvinge 
Team Lead

Malin Svenningsson
Team Member

Silje Nord
Team Member

Waqqas Abdul-Basit
Team Member