Nordic Hackathon in
SAS® Viya® 2019

Nordic Hack in SAS® Viya®


Topic of the Challenge:

The (Data) Time Machine 

For most of us, buying a place to live is the biggest financial decision we make, and one of the most emotional. That’s not an ideal combination! 

What if we could help you visualize and understand where you could live in the different phases of your life? What if we could help you find your future home.

By using macroeconomic- property-, demographic-, parcel-, and sentiment data in a “Data Time Machine” we can predict patterns in property prices and development, as well as citizen mobility. These patterns can prove to be valuable information for urban planning, public transportation, and for those with an interest in property, as an investment or for residence. It is valuable information because it could help families to find their ideal neighbourhood, increase the safety of investments, and improve urban design which can again create safer and greener communities. 

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Team Name:

The (Data) Time Machine 

Amir Zarei
Team Lead

Audun Smørgrav
Team Member

Niklas Andersson
Team Member

Nadia Chaudri
Team Member

Sjur Kristiansen
Team Member

Use Case Team Member

Stavanger Kommune

Linn Jensen
Team Member