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A multi-level Data Science Program to innovate, inspire, educate & network

Could you ever imagine that data could help cure cancer, improve the lives of those struck by humanitarian disasters, fight fraud, predict crime or even prevent traffic jams? Well it’s here and it’s real.

From the start more than 40 years ago, SAS has always put innovation first. We were practicing data science when no one was even talking about it. With the decades of analytics experience and leadership, SAS helps doctors, operations managers, compliance officers, marketers and other professionals alike, to leverage data to get new insights which make a difference.

Find out how Data Science can help you turn data-driven insights into decisions and actions.  With the Data Science Program, we offer you multi-level initiatives like e-hackathons, meetups and the SAS Data Science & Analytics Day to innovate and inspire on Data Science topics.

Check out the program and calendar below


Event DateUpcoming ActivitiesSAS/3rd PartyWhere
17 April 2018

Meetup Data Science in Action - Text in Action;
Chatbots, Court Rulings & AI assisted communication

SASThe Student Hotel, Amsterdam
31 May 2018Data Science & Analytics Day; Welcome to the Analytics EconmySASNBC, Nieuwegein
June 2018Meetup Data Science in Action - AI in Health CareSAStbd
July 2018Meetup Data Science in Action - Sports AnalyticsSAStbd
September 2018Meetup Data Science in Action - Responsible AI with RoboValleySAS/3rd Partytbd
October 2018Meetup Data Science in Action - Decisions at ScaleSAStbd
November 2018Meetup Data Science in Action - Banking of the FutureSAStbd
December 2018Meetup Data Science in Action - Machine Learning fueling AISAStbd
Event DateClosed ActivitiesSAS/3rd PartyWhere
20 February 2018Meetup Data Science in Acion meets RoboCafé3rd PartyRoboValley, Delft
22 February 2018Lunch - The Olympics - The StorySASSAS, Huizen | Invitation Only
13 March 2018Innovate with AnalyticsSASSAS, Huizen


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