Data Driven Customer Experience

Surprise your customer with a unique and personalized customer journey

SAS CI Roadshow 2017  

~ October 4th ~ MOM Kulturális Központ Budapest ~

Istvan Musza
Country Manager
SAS Hungary

How can CMOs and marketing professionals nowadays monitor customers’ perception of their brand in real time? How can they create and manage dynamically personalized data related to promotions on all digital touchpoints?

The challenges of the digital transformation in marketing are increasing: from a combination of offers and target groups in new media and channels-constellations through real-time interactions, to customer behavior oriented internal re- organizational needs.

The desire to improve the customer experience has a powerful impact on the developments needed in modern marketing organizations who aim at providing a unique Customer Journey based on customer behavior and personal preferences with the best message and offer at the right time and through the most appropriate channels.

Staying ahead of times and being able to maximize customer satisfaction and experience involve key ingredients such as consistency and relevance in interactions and in personalized relationships with consumers.

The purpose of this event is to help you achieve a new generation Customer Experience thru 3 simple steps:

  • Listen: collect and gather strategic information on the customer journey generated by the interaction with both online and offline channels
  • Understand: use advanced analytics as part of your Customer Intelligence strategy to analyze and extract value from your data in order to turn them into effective and timely marketing actions
  • Act: anticipate your customers needs and take appropriate action to implement a real personalized, multichannel and interactive customer experience

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Customer Intelligence Roadshow 2017 in Budapest on October 4th!

Registration is FREE of charge

Who should attend

CMOs, Marketing Professionals, Digital Marketing Managers, Customer Intelligence Mangers

MOM Kulturális Központ 
1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18.

October 4th | 8:30 - 14:00

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