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Data Governance

In most organizations, data is held prisoner, captive in silo systems that barely speak to each other. In this all-too-common scenario, every group has its own information processes to suit its own purposes. Even when some data sharing occurs, data definitions and quality standards are inconsistent. Data investments end up misaligned with corporate objectives. Organizations drown in data but are thirsty for insight – and certainly aren’t getting all the value they could from their data.
To unlock the value of data as the corporate asset that it is, it’s time to fundamentally change the way data is managed and governed, and to look beyond IT architecture and data delivery mechanisms to the quality and long-term value of the information being produced
We invite you to a short Data Governance event which will  provide a holistic understanding of the end-to-end Information Value Chain and how Enterprise Data Governance can help unlocking the value of data by transforming raw data into business insight, by aligning data management initiatives to strategic business objectives and by enabling cross-functional collaboration.

This event is targeted at multiple communities:

  • Business executives who are looking to leverage data as a corporate asset to address specific business problems and to create new revenue opportunities.
  • IT managers who are looking to strategize their data management initiatives better aligned to business objectives and to optimize existing resources to achieve those objectives.
  • Data Managers who need to guide their customers in designing and executing a data management strategy and implementing data management solutions.


Thursday, 17 July 2014

15:30 - 17:30

SAS Institute
93 Central Street,


Please contact
Mpho Khwinana 011 713 3400