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Optimize CX by Embedding AI Into Your Marketing

Increase marketing speed with embedded AI and machine learning

About the webinar

Consumers supply millions of signals about their identity, intent and context as they crisscross myriad platforms and media.

Precision marketing is now an imperative.

According to the Experience 2030 Pulse Report, 33% of brands are embedding AI in products and services – at least 24 to 36 months sooner than planned.

AI can also enable smarter marketing by allowing marketers to drive customer intimacy at scale.

Join this webinar to learn how AI can transform the work marketers do.

This will include:

  • Identifying key enablers for optimal customer decisions.
  • Automating and scaling CX actions with testing and experimentation.
  • Accelerating the business value of marketing.

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About the Experts

David Kelly
Principal Solutions Consultant, SAS

Brian McKnight
Senior Solutions Architect, SAS