White Paper

Experience 2030: Pulse Report

The Acceleration of Digital Engagement, Personalization and Trust

In late 2019, Futurum Research, in partnership with SAS, completed a comprehensive global research study – Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience is…NOW! – to uncover the current and future state of consumer and brand engagement. Experience 2030 was a road map for the future. But then in early 2020, a disruption appeared.

Reflecting back on our original study, Futurum and SAS sought to understand the impact of this disruption on the behaviors and trends we had identified previously, and to answer some important questions about how consumers and brands are not only engaging, but also how their reciprocal relationships may be shifting or evolving in this new environment.

This pulse report is the result of a re-examination of our prior research, informed by the responses of more than 600 global consumers, executives, marketers and technology professionals during June and July 2020. We validated that the operating models for consumer and brand engagement hold true yet continue to be redefined as brands adapt and accelerate their plans to build for the future.