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Banking Breakdown: The Wider Implications and What to Do Next

Join us for a discussion of the current banking turmoil and how risk technology and analytics can help improve stability during market volatility.

Asset and liability management (ALM) is taking center stage in 2023.

At a time of uncertainty and volatility, banks must equip themselves with sophisticated balance sheet management solutions to effectively manage deposits and cashflows daily.

SAS® for Asset & Liability Management utilizes an assumption-based approach to generate ‘what-ifs’ and produce a detailed, forward-looking view of cash flow, liquidity, and interest rate risk based on today’s static position and dynamic balance sheet simulations.

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Rise to the challenge. Become future-ready.

At a time of uncertainty, banks are under pressure to keep customers happy, stay compliant, be more innovative, and keep growth at the forefront of their strategy.

SAS delivers the world’s leading analytics to meet today’s challenges head-on while building a stronger future. Make better, faster decisions. Become more agile and resilient. And solve specific problems for customers with a more profound sense of purpose.

Better Insights for Better Banking

Risk Management for Better Banking

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2023 Global Banking Industry Trends

What’s on the horizon for the global banking industry in 2023?

2022 was a challenging and tumultuous year, and 2023 promises more of the same. Global banking must remain resilient and focus on balancing the need to drive profitability with the demand from stakeholders and customers to do so in a manner balanced with principles and purpose. This report delves into the top ten trends impacting global banking this year. Learn how leading banks can leverage the opportunities within the challenges to deliver on their promises to consumers.

Economist Impact report and infographics
Banking in 2035: Three possible futures

How will major forces impact banks between now and 2035?

The Economist Impact report peers into the future of banking through three potential scenarios – digitalization, climate action paradigm shift and geopolitical fragmentation. Learn how banks can evolve their mission and business models to deliver value to customers, shareholders, communities and the natural environment.

The infographics offer a quick dive into the three future banking scenarios.

Banking in 2035: transformed banks regain trust
Download the infographic

Banking in 2035: climate action paradigm shift
Download the infographic

Banking in 2035: a fragmented world
Download the infographic

Banking in 2035: Global banking survey report and infographic

Do banking leaders see the future with optimism or as an oncoming storm regarding the trends reshaping banking? Economist Impact, sponsored by SAS, conducted an in-depth survey with 500 banking executives to find out.

Get a preview of the full Banking in 2035 global banking survey report in the infographic.  

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Go from transactions to trusted relationships.

Conduct more efficient, targeted fraud investigations to find and stop fraud earlier without disrupting the customer experience.

Personalize the experience no matter where banking is done.

Deliver timely, meaningful customer interactions to increase engagement, boost profitability, and foster loyalty.

Make smarter, faster credit decisions.

Make better risk-related decisions that are fair, accountable, transparent and explainable.

Simplify customer onboarding.

Detect suspicious behavior while ensuring a smooth customer experience with technology that connects data across the customer journey.

Stay safe with a holistic approach to combating fraud and financial crimes.

Protect your customers and assets with SAS’s most advanced technology.

Assess, manage, and mitigate risk with confidence.

Minimize credit losses and ensure long-term success with technology enabling you to assess risk exposure better and quickly anticipate and respond to dynamic economic factors.

Supercharge your bank’s data for better decisions and future success.

Meet customer and regulatory compliance demands with greater speed, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Build resilience by addressing climate risk.

Incorporate climate risk into your financial decision-making. Better technology will help manage risks and identify emerging business opportunities as we head into a greener future.

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