3 Approaches to Enhancing Your Natural Language Processing

Join us for a three-part on-demand webinar series to learn how you can easily and effectively use natural language processing in your business.

Unstructured text data holds a wealth of insights about your business – both in terms of opportunities and potential risks. Using natural language processing (NLP) to harness insights from this data has great potential as a basis for business decisions.

Yet there’s an inherent complexity and disarray to unstructured text data that makes uncovering those insights very challenging.

Join us for a three-part on-demand webinar series where we’ll discuss three approaches to help you easily and effectively apply NLP for your business.

Expert Presenters

Sundaresh Sankaran
Solutions Architect, SAS

Katie Tedrow
Global Product Marketing Manager, SAS

These sessions discuss a variety of aspects such as intelligent automation, pre-processing capabilities for reducing noise and feature engineering and extraction.

Part 1: The Hybrid Approach  

Learn how to incorporate both linguistics and machine learning to define entities and classify text.

Part 2: Discovery Techniques

Learn new insights through unsupervised learning approaches to identify themes in conversation.

Part 3: NLP in Action – Conversational AI

Learn how to make it easy to get answers they need in an easy conversational flow and curate results effectively.