More SAS tips for SAS professionals! April 2016 Edition.

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United Polygons of America

#DataViz with SAS

United Polygons of America

Welcome to The United Polygons of America

Inspired by an example from another tool, SAS Communities member @tc shows a simple method to create map-like choropleths with ODS graphics.


Looking for cheaters in data

Looking for cheaters in the Boston Marathon data

Robert Allison uses SAS and open source data from GitHub to visualize potential fraud among Boston Marathon participants.  No "smoking starter pistol" was found, but some interesting outliers deserve a closer look!


Visualize missing data

Visualize missing data in SAS

How can you see what isn't there? It's not an oxymoron: you can visualize your missing data with SAS.  Come for the histogram; stay for the heatmap.


Bubble plots in SAS Visual Analytics

Bubble plots for less toil and trouble

Hans Rosling sets the bar high with his popular bubble plot magic, but Tricia Aanderud picks up where Hans left off in SAS Visual Analytics.  Enjoy this step-by-step guide to squeezing the most out of your bubble plots without bursting your...well, you know.  Hat tip: BI Notes blog


#SASTips for Coders

How to run SAS in Jupyter

How to run SAS programs in Jupyter Notebook

SAS developers offer a new open source project to support SAS coding within Jupyter notebooks.  Learn and document your SAS code, notebook-style! Or mix your Python and SAS together for great results!


DATA step to DS2

Solutions for missing DATA step features within DS2

DS2 is a powerful programming language that has a lot going for it, but it works differently than DATA step.  Use these tricks to make up for some of the features you might miss.  My favorite: embed SQL in a SET statement to control the amount of data you pull in.


Google Web fonts in your SAS reports

Adding Google Web Fonts to your SAS reports

Creating reports for use on the web? Don't limit yourself to Arial and Courier New -- there's a world of free web fonts that you can include to give your report that extra "something" that makes your output stand out.   Use PROC TEMPLATE to pull in a new look.  My new favorite font: "Caesar Dressing."



#Stats with SAS

Drunkard's walk in 2-D

The drunkard's walk in 2-D

"In two dimensions, you can use a series plot to visualize the path of the drunkard as he stumbles to the north, south, east, and west."  Even the inebriated must obey the laws of probability.  But can you use statistics to predict the hangover?


SAS Studio IMSTAT task

VIDEO: Data Scientist tasks in SAS Studio

In this SAS Tech Talk video, Steve Ludlow of SAS shows off a task that uses PROC IMSTAT to analyze price elasticity.  (Analysis spoiler alert: if you lower the price of beer, people will drink more of it.)  Learn more about the task in this SAS Global Forum paper, Everyone CAN Be a Data Scientist.


Stats help in communities

Tip: Try a little FREQ before LOGISTIC

A SAS communities member wondered why PROC LOGISTIC didn't yield predictions for all possible combinations of values.  Advice from the experts: use PROC FREQ first to ensure all combinations are actually present in the data -- then you'll know better what to expect.



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