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Webinar Series

Engage customers with confidence

Through this series of webinars our expert discusses how you can use data, analytics and insights on prospects and customers to create relevant, individualised experiences in real time. Learn how to map out an ideal journey that’s not only satisfying to the customer, it’s also valuable to your organization. Join us live or On-Demand.

SAS is taking to the road across the world to ensure that organisations are data driven, have insight at their fingertips and are winning. Find out first hand from our experts who:

Share their real life best practices

Explain challenges and showcase new ways to approaches and solutions

Demonstrate technology and share hands-on tips for execution


Oliver Sheerin

Oliver Sheerin is a Customer Intelligence Solutions Advisor at SAS Software Ltd. After spending nearly five years at, Oliver has expertise across a number of retail categories in digital marketing, customer insight and customer engagement roles.

He is currently focused helping companies improve their customer experience and customer data strategies and will be sharing his experiences with you across this series of webinars.

Customer Intelligence Webinars

How to use customer data to drive a test and learn culture.

Many organisations rely on opinion to drive their business decisions which drives their customers' experience. The time pressure on resources can also mean that non-performing actions or decisions will remain in place. This could simply be that you’re sharing out of stock items on your website which is causing abandoned baskets, or personalisation that isn’t accurate.

Using your customer data to drive a test and learn culture, will help you to make the transition from opinion to fact, by identifying what small, quick tests you can conduct to answer important business questions, improve upon your business KPIs and improve your customer experience.

During this webinar we will share insights on how you can start your journey to become a testing & learning organisation - and start turning opinion in to fact.



How to understand customer needs across multiple channels, without drowning in information.

The data you collect on your customers is an extremely valuable resource. But only if you can analyse and translate it into actionable information that gives you the detail on the person behind the numbers. Many marketers and organisations don’t know where to start with the data they have and could be focusing on the wrong areas.

During this webinar we will share insights on how you can interpret your customer data easily, enable true predictive marketing, and drive a more personalised experience for your customers.



How to guide your customers to where they want to go.

The way your customers engage with you is unpredictable. They use different devices and channels at various times and points in their decision-making process. Their behaviour may be unpredictable, but they expect a predictable experience from you.

During this webinar we will share insights on how you can guide your customers on a journey, by delivering dynamic messages and content, that adapts in real time, allowing you to tailor the experience to their needs and help predict behaviour.



How to harness the power of AI to deliver highly personalised customer experiences.

Often, customers don’t know exactly what they’re looking for. They may browse your products, and never see the product that would suit their needs perfectly. By analysing data from different sources, powerful AI can recommend unique content and tailored offers that will improve your customers’ experiences, catch their attention and generate more sales. .

During this webinar we will share insights on how where to start when using AI to enhance your customers’ experiences, how you can get a powerful recommendation system up and running within hours whilst building trust and loyalty with your customers.



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