Curiosity Forum 2019


Challenge your point of view

You tend to get told and think the world is the way it is — and that’s it.

The message here is a simple one.
It is not.

Like first impressions, our initial point of view is apt to be narrow.
We see no more than what we’ve been conditioned to see — our stereotyped notions block vision and lack imagination.

Yet. It is in our nature to be curious.
To discover and explore. To innovate.
Every day new discoveries and innovation push our world forward and make our life better.

Innovation is sparked by our continuous curiosity and often comes from exploring new point of views.
Maybe that is the most important thing to fuel innovation.
To challenge your point of view.

Learn to question assumptions and conventions.
Dare norms and standards.
Refuse to copy-create or even break patterns.

Think of what can be, not of what is.
Think of the better, the wonderful, the enriching and the exciting.
Reimagine the possible.

However you experience that, once you have, it will help you (re)find your creativity and explore new insights.
It will enable you to interpret things differently and unlock new frontiers.
In business — and in life.

Here’s to the ones who encourage diversity of thought.
Here’s to the ones who have no patience for the status quo.

Here’s to you.
Manager, teamleader, analyst, data-scientist, strategist, marketing lead, CEO, CIO, CTO or C-anyone.

Look to the future, with the same spirit of curiosity that has always led us to innovation.

Challenge your point of view.

Curiosity Forum
Challenge your point of view

We live in a time when people have more reason than ever to be excited about the explosion of data and analytics. Soon everything and everyone will be generating data around the clock. A world of data will be available to us. And a world of possibilities to do good with it. At SAS we strongly believe curiosity is at the heart of human progress. Even more. Curiosity is our code.

SAS is pleased to announce the comeback of our Forum, on Thursday June 13th. A day dedicated to challenging your point of view, in an environment you haven’t experienced before. The new Curiosity Forum wants to offer you an experience that goes beyond that of a conference. Expect insights by the most forward-thinking minds, endless inspiration, ideas from the world’s best data practices, meet thought leaders, academics and SAS specialists,  artists across a spectrum of disciplines, performers and thought provoking installations in an iconic setting. Join 1.000 like minded people & do not miss.

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