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Curiosity Forum presents the latest analytics and AI updates 

A world of data is available to us. And a world of possibilities to do good with it. Innovation is sparked by data, by curiosity, and often comes from exploring new perspectives.

Curiosity Forum is the place to be to challenge your point of view. We invite you to join us on 13th June for a day full of inspiration and networking opportunities with peers, thought leaders, academics, and analytics & AI experts.

You’ll return home with a new and improved perspective on not only your field of interest but a whole spectrum of disciplines. Don’t hesitate and register today. 


We’re pleased and proud to present a range of the most forward-thinking minds and leaders across a spectrum of disciplines. From renowned business philosophers to the most influential cross-industry leaders and data science experts.

Discover more details on our first list of selected speakers. The final program will be announced in the weeks to come.

Anders Indset, business philosopher keynote speaker, closing plenary

Anders Indset
Business Philosopher
Keynote Speaker, closing plenary

Jeroen Van Godtsenhoven

Jeroen Van Godtsenhoven
managing director SAS Benelux

Hans Bonte

Hans Bonte
mayor of Vilvoorde

Rik Vera

Rik Vera
founding partner Nexxworks
keynote speaker & Host consumer viewpoint

Olivier Van Horenbeeck

Olivier Van Horenbeeck
managing partner at Growth Inc.
public viewpoint

Beatrice de Mahieu

Beatrice de Mahieu
chief innovation officer at Co.Station Belgium
Financial services viewpoint

Suyin Aerts

Suyin Aerts
Entrepreneur & presenter Kanaal-Z/Canal-Z
host of the day

Hannelore Bové

Hannelore Bové
Researcher at University of Hasselt
keynote speaker

Damya Laoui

Damya Laoui
Researcher at VUB-VIB
keynote speaker


Each viewpoint will challenge your point of view. You will be inspired by real-life business cases, explore new perspectives in interactive discussions and workshops, you will learn how disruptors in your industry applied their different points of view. And much more.


This viewpoint will touch on how data and analytics can help to put the consumer at the center of business. And how to keep up with ever-increasing customer expectations.


This viewpoint will focus on new analytical techniques, AI & machine learning and creating an analytics factory. Expect the well-known Talk-Of-The-Geeks, SAS User Group cases and deep-dive content for all data scientists, analysts, statisticians, database administrators, etc.


This viewpoint will explain how the financial services industry will need to re-invent itself, what future organizations will look like and how new ecosystems will need to be created. In disruptive culture and in future proof structures.


This viewpoint will highlight how the public sector and government services engage with more demanding and digitizing citizens. How to tackle the many challenges faced and how data & technology helps organizations today, to better serve citizens tomorrow.


This viewpoint will explore how data brings value in an industrial context. It will highlight the process of making the business case for smart manufacturing: check industry 4.0 readiness, find areas of improvement, identify value drivers and align teams and stakeholders. Gain in-depth knowledge from case studies and best practices.

Asiat site

The Curiosity Forum will be held in a thought provoking, iconic setting. The Asiat site in Vilvoorde, a former military site close to the Zenne.

The city of Vilvoorde has purchased the 5.75 hectare Asiat site. It offers the potential and holds the ambition to become a new lively district and to meet the needs of the rapidly growing city and its population. In anticipation of a definitive plan and interpretation, the city of Vilvoorde is actively pursuing temporary projects and initiatives who positively impact the site. The Curiosity Forum in June will be the very first expression of that ambition.

Old Military Building - Asiat Site
Asiat Site - Overgrown path between old buildings
Asiat site Warehouse
Asiat Site - Big empty warehouse open space
Asiat Site - Former Military Building
Asiat Site - Curiosity Forum Venue

Challenge your point of view

We live in a time when people have more reason than ever to be excited about the explosion of data and analytics. A world of data will be available to us. And a world of possibilities to do good with it. At SAS we strongly believe curiosity is at the heart of human progress. Even more. Curiosity is our code.

So here’s to you. Manager, teamleader, analyst, data-scientist, strategist, marketing lead, CEO, CIO, CTO or C-anyone. Look to the future, with the same spirit of curiosity that has always led us to innovation. Reimagine the possible. Challenge your point of view. 

Read our note on challenging your point of view.

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There is a strict maximum of 3 attendees for both types of consultancy companies.

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