Data-driven Health Care

Harnessing the benefits of analytics
- in patient care and hospital management

A Nordic perspective

What is health care data analytics?

The health care sector is mandated to provide high quality care to every patient in every hospital. Health authorities are compelled to keep health care costs from accelerating and keep improving quality of care, despite aging populations and increasing numbers of chronic patients across the Nordics. In order to meet these pressing needs, public officials, hospital managers and specialized doctors can use advanced analytics to: 

  • Gain insight from data and provide decision support.
  • Evaluate the performance of the health care sector at individual and national level.
  • Use AI capabilities such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, forecasting and optimization to unleash the full potential of data.
  • Improve population health, patient outcome and cost control.


How can you improve health care with advanced analytics? 

The Nordic countries experience a continuous rise in health care costs. This is in part due to more complex demands and potentially avoidable complications. Analytics can help you ensure a focused, high-quality care enabling health care professionals to save patient lives, reduce hospital burden and ensure more patients receive the right treatment.

Evolving treatments for cancer patients

By using analytics and AI on data gathered from hospitals, research institutes, pharmas and biotech companies, Oslo Cancer Cluster can see patterns earlier and determine the best care for patients.

Interested to learn more about health care analytics? 

The health care sector is rich in data – but are they being used to accelerate time to value in an analytical, data-driven organization? See how analytics can make a significant impact in the health care field from best practices and inspirational papers on the evolution of health care.

Unleash the value of public sector data

Public data and information are abundant. In order to harness its potential, government bodies need to become analytical, data-driven organizations that know how to structure, analyze, report and act on analytical insight.

Data-driven management in the health care sector

This whitepaper gives inspiration to health care managers on how to utilize their data to make better decisions and how to tackle complex health data to give actionable insight. It shows the importance and value of advanced data analytics in a hospital setting. 

See who's working smarter with SAS® in health care

Front runners in data-driven health care organizations share how they have reaped the benefit of data insight to deliver value to patients, health care authorities and policy makers.

How analytics provides increased insights 

Process automation halves workload

SAS helps the health care sector gain insights into hospital acquired patient injuries

95% accuracy

Technology increases patient safety


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