How data-driven policies can make EU agriculture more resilient.


How data-driven policies can make EU agriculture more resilient

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How can data-driven policy making support the European Union’s Farm to Fork Strategy?

The Farm to Fork strategy sets clear ambitions with respect to the increase in organic farming and a reduction in the use of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics. To achieve these goals and those of the Green Deal, we are seeing a new approach to real-time, data-driven assessments and feedback on the impact of policies.

Download this e-book and discover the key role data, analytics and AI play in

  • Feeding a resilient, regenerative, and revolutionary common agriculture policy.
  • Predicting the impact and outcome of policies.
  • Smarter food production with a positive impact on our farmers’ income, the EU economy, our personal health, and the entire planet.
  • Creating low cost, high impact options for policymakers to address Europe’s ambitious climate goals