SAS Model

A modeling melting pot for innovation and creativity

A modeling melting pot gives organizations the freedom to use their tools, algorithms and programming languages to develop and deploy analytical models – fueling innovation and creativity.

Structure, standardization and coordination are key to turn the modeling melting pot into business value and smarter decisions.

SAS Model Management focuses on providing users the ability to register, test, deploy, monitor and retrain open source models – uniting data scientists, IT/DevOps and Business Analysts.

The e-book is a collection of best practices on ML in production presented during the 2020 SAS Global Forum and the webinar demos the modeling melting pot at scale.

Mastering the Model Lifecycle Orchestration Journey: A practical guide for Data Scientists, IT/DevOps and Business Analysts

In this e-book Marinela Profi has selected a handful of recent SAS Global Forum papers to show how a modeling melting pot can become long-term business value using SAS.

How to Automate Modeling, Deployment and Governance at Scale With SAS Viya

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Build and train hundreds of models using different open source libraries, using in-memory, parallel and distributed SAS engine
  • Use SAS Open Model Manager to register, assess, test, deploy and validate models for each business problem
  • Monitor hundreds of models’ performance in parallel at a production efficiency level


Marinela Profi, Global Product Marketing Manager, SAS
Paata Ugrekhelidze, Data Scientist, SAS

Automated ModelOps Life Cycle Management

Learn how to improve model management and workflow management by ensuring that your tools, processes and environments are as efficient as they can be.

Join this webinar to see how to:

  • Register, develop and validate candidate models.
  • Assess and compare candidate models for champion model selection and ultimately deploy or publish selected models.
  • Automatically monitor model performance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Integrate your model governance to ensure a balance of human efficiency and automation.


Diana Shaw, Senior Product Manager, SAS
Briana Ullman, Associate Marketing Specialist, SAS

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