On-Demand Webinar

Automated ModelOps Life Cycle Management

Learn how to improve model management and workflow management by ensuring that your tools, processes and environments are as efficient as they can be.

About the webinar

How effective and reliable is a model governance program if every step is executed by one person?

With no automation or oversight, how do you maintain, monitor and improve upon the work – especially if that person (and knowledge) disappears?

SAS helps streamline analytical model deployment by registering, deploying and monitoring all of your models in one central environment, uniting data scientists and IT/DevOps teams.

We will demonstrate how to:

  • Register, develop and validate candidate models.
  • Assess and compare candidate models for champion model selection and ultimately deploy or publish selected models.
  • Automatically monitor model performance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Integrate your model governance to ensure a balance of human efficiency and automation.

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About the Experts

Diana Shaw
Senior Product Manager, SAS

Briana Ullman
Associate Marketing Specialist, SAS