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What will it take to Innovate at Scale?

Artificial Intelligence. Two words that invoke excitement and fear in equal measure. From pilots in innovation labs to enterprise-wide deployment, translating potential into profits is the adventure ahead.

Humanity and curiosity are the starting points. But how will successful organizations navigate the rest of the journey? How will the data-driven discovery experience be enabled? Who should drive the monetization opportunities? What role will skills and tools play? How will future business models be designed?

This SAS study explores how perception about innovation is changing. We want to understand how artificial intelligence is re-scoping innovation, and the role of lifelong learning in organizational readiness.

Research scope

Realizing benefits will ultimately depend on the way we tell stories about the possibilities and the successes along the way.

Much will depend on how effectively we can humanize the advance of AI, through a wide spectrum of relatable stories. This may yet hold the key to scalable innovation - the realization of the full potential.

Whether you are boosting your innovation lab, or embedding innovation resources across your organization – we are interested in your real life experience.

We invite you to participate in this survey and discuss with one of our experts

  • your organizations approach to analytics-driven innovation
  • what scale means
  • the challenges and issues you need to resolve.

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