Key to Transformation Success: IIoT and Analytics Competency

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and advanced analytics are cornerstones for digital transformation.

A successful digital transformation program takes an organization through a process that matures its current state in an organized way to a desired future state.

For industrial organizations, this often involves moving from a local, siloed procedural operating model to a more comprehensive model that is integrated to the enterprise, responsive to customers and market changes, and optimized in the context of overall business performance.

To make this transition, an organization must first understand where it is in its transformation maturity relative to peers, competitors, and customer expectations.

What is the ARC Industrial Analytics Assessment

Too often, initiatives devolve into technology projects. However, technology is just one component of maturity as the organization must also evolve its business, operations, and people to support a desired state.

To be effective and accurate, a digital transformation maturity assessment must consider a much broader view than just technology. The ARC Industrial Analytics Assessment does so by encapsulating the three broad components of industrial operations. These are:

People and Culture

  • Leadership & Investment
  • Skills, knowledge & collaboration
  • Customer engagement
  • Workforce effectiveness

Analytics, Data and Technology

  • Governance
  • Data management
  • Analytics methods
  • Deployment & use

Operational Infrastructure

  • Connected assets
  • Distributed Intelligence
  • Security
  • Management processes

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