Conceptual Graphics with Brains suggesting Emotions

How data can help making (B2B) marketing more human

The new era for marketers is a paradox of privacy-consciousness
co-existing with rising expectations for personalization.

Join this tweetchat to explore how to create
human connections with customers. 

Discussion triggers

  1. How important is it to make marketing (more) human, even in B2B?
  2. Which examples have you seen of organizations using data to make their marketing more human and personal?
  3. Which trends in personalization do you expect to see in 2022 and which role can data analytics or AI play in it?
  4. Besides personalization, which other trends in (B2B) marketing do you expect to emerge in 2022?
  5. As a marketer or marketing leader, which advice do you have for your peers to be successful in 2022?

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