Nordic Hackathon in
SAS® Viya® 2019

Creating a data driven customer journey at ICA Banken

For consumers, finding the best banking products is important - but can often be confusing. Even after customers choose a bank, they are often blasted with information about deals, loans, or packages that can be overwhelming and often irrelevant.

Most banks have access to insight into who their customers are and what their needs are. The gap is in communication and sending out campaign materials that are not personalized. Banks have the potential to use historic customer data to create original and personalized communication that will resonate with their audience.

The main reaction from consumers is that they are fed up with commercials and communication – more than 50 percent is perceived as irrelevant. We would like to help banks transform their communication strategy with data research and testing. Daniel Oygun Hackathon Team Lead Deloitte

As part of the SAS® Viya® Hackathon, he and his analyst team joined forces with ICA Banken, which has more than 800.000 customers. They set out to demonstrate how existing data on people’s banking choices can be utilized to create bespoke and relevant communications. 

At ICA Banken, we believe in being smart – by using data and analytics. In our own data, we have found segments and patterns and we have built machine learning models to segment our customers to broaden their engagement with us. Linus Axelsson Analytical Manager ICA Banken

The project set out to make a connection between model development and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It began with choosing a customer segment to analyze. The choice fell on new customers who have just begun their customer journey. Then the segment analysis was used to predict their next step in the customer journey, allowing to design the communication in a way which can increase engagement with ICA Banken.  

This data segment was transferred to AI using SAS® Viya®. The models were built, validated, and deployed. The models were scored and then placed in SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 to create a personalized customer view and sort them based on customer actions. In three weeks, the team built the models, analyzed data and even better – they managed to act on the customer information.

This is CRM at its best – meaning advanced analytics and 100 percent data driven. Linus Axelsson Analytical Manager ICA Banken
ICA Banken


  • Customers often receive a lot of communication from different banks and to the extent that it is overwhelming.
  • The communication is not personalized and is often perceived as irrelevant.


  • Predict the next best action to increase relevance for customers using data and advanced analytics.


  • With a high focus on personalization and data driven customer journey this solution can help ICA Banken and other banks be more relevant for their customers in all channels, delivering even more value for both customers and ICA Banken.

About Hack In SAS Viya

In association with Intel and SAS Nordic User Group “Fans”. SAS hosted the competition “Smarter Together” for SAS partners. Here, teams of analysts and data scientists demonstrate the value of open data combined with SAS® Viya® in the cloud and open source technologies.

SAS provided the SAS® Viya® platform with a number of SAS tools in the cloud for easy access through The nine participating teams built showcase based on a number of SAS software products including: Visual Analytics, Visual Statistics, Visual Data Mining & Machine learning, econometrics, and optimization.

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