Nordic Hackathon in
SAS® Viya® 2019

Nordic Hack in SAS® Viya®

Forefront Consulting Group

Topic of the Challenge:

Travel mood: on!

In order to truly be customer centric, Scandinavian Airlines aims to communicate with their customers at the right time, in the suitable channel and with relevant information. As we all are different persons, their customers are as well, hence the combination of the attributes mentioned above needs to be customer specific. This leads to the problem that we are about to consider during the SAS Hackathon.  

When does a customer has their travel mood on, and to which destination will the customer travel?  

The aim is to investigate and find answers to these questions by modelling. To be able to do this we will build a propensity to book-model, based on large amounts of data for example: customer data, demographics, weather data, customer behavior, currencies, date/time, omni channel data, loyalty data. 

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Team Name:


Marcus Mazouch
Team Member

Martin Andersson
Team Member

Nathalie Jakobsson
Technical Lead

Stefan Stark 
Team Lead

Use Case Team Member:

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Botan Calli
Team Member