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AI in 20 weeks

Decisions on an AI strategy or implementations is a major task. Use this offering ‘AI in 20 weeks’ to get familiar with all activities and elements in model lifecycle management from data to production. 

In this initiative you will get one AI model ready for production. Your organization will also get knowledge around usage and interpretability of AI models, different types of AI models and learn to identify bias in AI models and how to overcome the effects of bias.

Learn more on the engagement on your part, the process and deliverables and next steps.

What to expect:

  • Kick-Off. Use case definition, Security model and data definition, GDPR, Model Lifecycle
  • Workshop 1: ModelOps. Status on data, The use of AI 
  • Workshop 2: ModelOps. Status on data, Initiate training
  • Workshop 3: ModelOps. Model walk-through
  • Workshop 4: ModelOps. Final review of model
  • Presentation of final findings + written documentation + recommendations

The assessment workshops will in general cover technology, processes, organisational change management, roles / responsibilities and provide coaching in interpretability, responsible AI, documentation needs and use-case definition.

The offering 'AI in 20 weeks' is open  to adjustment according to needs and requirements, so please let us engage to find your path to AI.*


* We hope to accomodate all interest, but can not issue any guarantee.

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