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CX Champions Share Their Strategies
Live Launch of a New CX Survey for EMEA

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Organizations everywhere are increasing their investments in technologies that can boost customer experience (CX). Yet the payoff – both in terms of CX and financial returns – remains elusive for many. In fact, we found that just 15% of companies are delivering top-quality experiences. Something's not adding up.

We wanted to find out why, so we asked more than 2,600 business leaders worldwide about their approach to CX. The new SAS-sponsored survey by MIT SMR Connections discovers why CX Champions:

  • Elevate CX strategy as part of digital transformation
  • Strive for mastery of AI to deliver CX
  • Make CX a mainstay of operations

Christian Peter
Lead of Marketing Automation, Commerzbank

Corrado Marozzo
Senior Manager of Applied Intelligence, Accenture

Ricardo Saltz Gulko
Managing Director and Co-Founder, ECXO

Andreas Heiz
Director of Customer Intelligence Solutions EMEA & AP, SAS