How to achieve Customer Engagement?

SAS Executive Breakfast

26th November, 9h - SAS Portugal [Amoreiras Square]

The challenges to achieve great Customer Engagement can seem overwhelming. Today’s customers demand a seamless experience every time they interact with you, no matter the channel or the device they use. Also, Marketing Managers spend a lot of energy trying to connect with customers and target them with the most relevant offers at the perfect moment in time.

 Where will you start?

 Nowadays companies can easily:

  1. Understand and anticipate each customer's need;
  2. Surprise customers with the right offer at the right moment;
  3. Satisfy customers at every interaction and…
  4. Personalize the offer as much as possible.

In this workshop we will showcase a demo where you will be able to see the different Technical Challenges behind Customer Engagement,.

No matter what challenges you have, it’s quick and easy to put a solution in place.


Tuesday, 26th November 
Welcome | Breakfast
Magic Wand Toolkit
Alena Tsishchanka - SAS
How to achieve Customer Engagement? 
Sofia Junqueiro - SAS
Technical challenges behind Customer Engagement with a real use case.
Ricardo Galante - SAS
10h30Closing - Q&A

SAS Portugal
Edifício Amoreiras Square
Rua Carlos Alberto da Mota Pinto,
Nº 17 – 7º A
1070-313 Lisboa


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