On-Demand Webinar

Why Clinical Trial Enrollment Simulation Is Critical to the Success of Your Trial

This webinar, part of our Analytics in 20 series, explores how life sciences companies can use analytics to make more strategic enrollment decisions.

About the webinar

Clinical trial enrollment involves many constantly changing variables including site location, available patients, recruitment speed, costs and dropout rates – all of which vary by region and site.

In order to create the best, most strategic decisions around enrollment planning, pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations need to employ analytics to run different scenarios and understand how different variables affect timelines and budget.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the complexity of clinical trial site selection and enrollment planning and the power of discrete event simulation to help life sciences companies make better, more strategic enrollment decisions. 

Why attend?

  • Learn more about moving beyond the traditional approach to enrollment estimates, which are static, time-consuming and inaccurate. 
  • Discover how simulation analytics can apply after a study has started, as well as how it can be used to explore scenarios for getting disrupted trials back on track.
  • See a brief demonstration of how SAS® Clinical Trial Enrollment Simulator helps organizations develop more strategic enrollment plans.

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About the Experts

Cameron McLauchlin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SAS

McLauchlin is the global lead for industry product marketing for SAS’ business within the life sciences industry. She manages global marketing and sales enablement initiatives, with an emphasis on developing consistent and effective messaging to promote the benefits of SAS solutions to customers.

Shawn Tedman, Principal Life Science Strategic Advisor, SAS 

Tedman has deep clinical development and technology expertise gained from roles in biopharmaceutical, contract research and technology organizations. He has built and scaled global feasibility, site intelligence and clinical technology teams with a focus on patient-centricity and clinical trial optimization. In his current role, he uses this experience to advise leading global life science organizations on advanced analytic approaches to drive innovation and optimize their clinical development strategies. He holds an MBA from Duke University.

Pritesh Desai, Senior Life Science Strategic Advisor, SAS  

Desai is an enterprise data and analytics platform advisor for life sciences and health care organizations. He has been helping many customers develop innovation around cloud, automation, data science, machine learning, BI, CDR, data management and clinical platforms. He has earned multiple degrees in engineering, and prior to joining SAS, managed teams for many years as a lead SAS programmer.