SAS at Hannover Messe 2019

April 1-5
Hannover, Germany

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Build smart. Deliver smart. Service smart. It’s the new mandate. The good news is that it’s more possible now than ever with the combined power of AI and IoT.



As Industry 4.0 fires on all cylinders, technology is revolutionizing every aspect of nearly every industry. Powered by advanced analytics and ideas that once seemed impossible – cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things – the world as we know it is undergoing its greatest changes in a century.

Join us at Hannover Messe to learn how the latest innovations in IoT technologies can help organizations in manufacturing, transportation, energy and more.

  • Extract insights from IoT data, regardless of volume, velocity or variety.
  • Use those insights to make sound decisions and take action quickly, even in real time.
  • Create and sustain greater value from IoT data and initiatives.


Join us for our invitation-only lunch where we
will discuss the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) 

- the combined power
of AI and IoT

April 1 from 12:00 -14:00
(Convention Center – room Leipzig)

Rest your tired feet at our grab and go lunch.

Come learn how SAS is:

  • Streaming at the Edge
  • Leading on the Artificial Intelligence of Things through Computer Vision & Image Recognition
  • Partnering with IoT
  • Launching our new Analytics for IoT solution


Where you will find SAS:

Partnerships are essential to IoT success. No single vendor can help you move from the Internet of Things to the Intelligence of Things. Experience firsthand how collaboration, innovation and co-creation alongside our expert partners provides the expertise, technology and insights you need from your IoT initiatives.


Visit us in the Siemens Pavilion - Hall 9 (booth # J30)

SAS use case demo:
Demonstrates the power of streaming analytics in remote asset performance management. SAS on MindSphere solutions improves business with self-made edge-to-cloud IoT Analytics and AIoT systems. Those solutions are based on the open IoT operating system MindSphere and SAS technologies integrated with MindSphere.


Visit us in the Dell Technologies booth - Hall 6 (booth # C40)

SAS use case demo:
“Computer Vision-enabled IoT Manufacturing Analytics for Quality Control”
AIoT Tabletop Conveyor belt demo. The demonstration shows how deep learning capabilities from SAS can be integrated into the SAS Event Stream Processing (ESP) framework to score images taken directly off the “assembly line.”

Visit us in the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) booth
Hall 8 (booth # D23)

SAS use case demo:
An interactive demo showcasing an industrial pump that illustrates asset performance assessment and predictive maintenance through vibration analysis at the edge.

Presentation at the Siemens Pavilion
Hall 9 (booth # J30)

"The Power of Edge to Cloud Streaming Analytics Solutions"

Gerhard Altmann
Senior Director Global Manufacturing Industry Practice bei SAS

SAS is teaming up with Siemens MindSphere to create state of the art streaming analytics solutions for MindSphere based on SAS technologies integrated with MindSphere and specific for various industry verticals. The SAS technology will offer easy implementation for the persons with business knowhow to generate and deploy true streaming analytics anywhere in the system from the edge to the enterprise level.

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