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FANS Conference for ALL SAS Users

Explore the future of analytics

Espoo | June 7 | Innopoli 2

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FANS Conferences empower and inspire with the most trusted analytics

If you’re a FANS member or a SAS user in the Nordics, please join us at this full-day FANS Conference to network, share ideas, learn new skills and discover the latest features of SAS technology.

The conference will cover a variety of topics – from data management to visual analytics – with special emphasis on the SAS® Platform - now and in the future.

The FANS Conference will end with an evening mingle.

Share your experience!

We value your experience and encourage you to contribute to this conference with a presentation rich on real-life examples on how you use SAS.

Contact if you have an idea for a presentation.

The program is currently under construction and will be shared later in March.


Please note following registration details:

FANS members have pre-paid tickets to the FANS conference, through their membership. Company members and Partners have 15 tickets included, unless they have an extended membership. See FANS membership packages
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If you are not a FANS member the registration fee is 130 EUR per person excluding VAT. Non-FANS member
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If you are in doubt whether your organization is a FANS member or not, please reach out to

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By attending this conference, you acknowledge and agree that SAS Institute Inc and subsidiaries may store, keep and use attendee names, pictures, comments etc in any media worldwide, relating to marketing efforts related to similar future conference events. For additional information, see the SAS' Privacy Statement. You will receive periodic email updates from the event registrar.

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