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Customer Insights that Drive Profitability 

The Insurance Industry has undergone tremendous change over the years. Characterised by rising acquisition costs, decreasing retention rates and commoditisation of product offerings - the challenge facing insurers is how to differentiate themselves from their competitors through a better understanding of their customers.

Increasingly, insurers are confronted by changing customer behaviour and preferences, making it difficult to quickly respond and develop a tiered pricing model or targeted campaigns that meet customer demands.

Come learn how SAS can help you Maximise Customer Lifetime Value

The key to improving customer acquisition and retention rates lies in gathering and analysing all customer data. SAS will help you successfully achieve:

  • A full understanding  of customer behaviour
  • Techniques on how to develop more effective marketing strategies for the Insurance Industry
  • An exploration of Customer segmentation, retention and value to determine the best variables to drive business models
  • The use of visualisation to define the most attractive customer segments through analysis of all insurance data

Wednesday, 12th August 2015

9h30 – 12h30

SAS Institute
93 Central Street,

Please contact Mr. Greaterman Nkomo at 011 713 3400