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Did COVID Bring an End to Customer Loyalty? What Smart Marketers Do to Keep Customers Coming Back.

Join this Jay Baer webinine – a short-form webinar – to learn what marketers can do to ensure consumers become loyal customers.  

About the webinar

Since the pandemic, 75% of customers made a first-time purchase from a business.

That's a huge influx of first-time buyers. Customer loyalty, it seems, went out the window.

But what motivated customers to search for so many new alternatives over the past 20 months?

It wasn’t simply lower prices. In fact, 28% of customers say that price matters less now than before the pandemic. And if price matters less, something else must matter more.

Clearly, consumers now value customer experience more than ever in their buying decisions.

As we look to the future, will customers revert to their historical patterns of purchase behavior? Or is customer loyalty dead?

Join Wilson Raj, SAS Global Director of Customer Intelligence, along with marketing and CX expert, author and advisor Jay Baer for this special session.

We'll explore how to:

  • Align messaging and customer experience.
  • Apply analytics to uncover specific customer drivers and motivations.
  • Create a marketing strategy with customer loyalty at its center.

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About the Experts

Jay Baer, marketing and CX expert, author and advisor

Wilson Raj, Global Director of Customer Intelligence, SAS