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SAS® Viya® and Azure Confidential Computing

Join leaders from SAS and Microsoft in this webinar to learn about the possibilities and uses that can change your organization in the year ahead.

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About the webinar

Have security concerns prevented you from taking your analytics software to the cloud and unlocking true decision making innovation?

It’s an understandable choice, especially with the high cost of data breaches, and one you no longer need to make.

A new partnership between SAS, Microsoft and AMD enables Azure Confidential Computing (ACC) to add the security you’ve been waiting for and brings peace of mind to your data.

You can finally remove the constraints to innovation and empower your teams to create more powerful and accurate analytic models.

You will learn:

  • The importance of confidential computing.
  • How Viya integrates with ACC.
  • The difference between existing encryption and confidential computing.
  • Examples of how confidential computing is currently being used by organizations and its meaningful benefits for industries.

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About the Experts

Speaker 1

Marty Tomasi
Senior Director, Product Management, SAS

Speaker 2

Vikas Bhatia
Head of Product, Azure Confidential Computing