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How Do I Use SAS® Model Manager?

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About the webinar

SAS Model Manager helps organizations build a streamlined ModelOps process by connecting data scientists, MLOps engineers and business analysts. It also deploys SAS and open source models quickly in a governed and standardized manner so you can make better decisions using analytics.

Join us as we walk through the steps for registering models and modeling metadata from various interfaces, running scoring tests, defining performance monitoring reports, publishing models and much more.

This webinar is for data scientists, ModelOps/MLOps engineers or IT teams across industries who are new to SAS Model Manager and want to develop a mature ModelOps/MLOps practice at their organizations.


You will learn:

  • How to use SAS Model Manager’s common model repository to store and validate models and modeling metadata.
  • How to quickly deploy and use a model in production.
  • How to monitor models for decay and data for shifting distributions.

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About the Expert

Sophia Rowland
Product Manager, SAS

Sophia Rowland is responsible for driving product strategy and direction for SAS Model Management. Previously, she was a systems engineer focused on data science and ModelOps applications. Rowland is an alumnus of UNC-Chapel Hill, where she studied computer science and psychology, and Duke, where she completed a master’s degree in business analytics at the Fuqua School of Business.