On-Demand Webinar

Transform CX to stand the test of time

Learn how to evaluate the cost and ROI of an enterprisewide CX transformation – and set up your brand for future success.

About the webinar

Markets fluctuate. Competitors come and go. And new technologies, data sources and smart machines are rewriting the story of the customer experience (CX). The only constant is change.

Take this for example: According to the global Experience 2030 study, brands expect that 69% of decisions during real-time consumer engagement will be made by smart machines.

So it’s critical that marketers understand and invest in the technologies that increase customer retention, cross-sell opportunities and loyalty.

This webinar explains how.  

Join us as we discuss how to:

  • Evaluate and implement technologies that will strengthen your brand.
  • Merge technology, organizational processes and marketing strategies.
  • Design and orchestrate forward-thinking customer journeys.
  • Model your approaches based on best-in-class examples.

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About the Experts

Wilson Raj
Global Director, SAS


Monique Duquette
Digital Experience and Transformation, Accenture