On-Demand Webinar

How the Smartest Companies Align Their Brand to Customers’ Worldview

Join this Jay Baer webinine – a short-form webinar – to learn why bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to the total audience of potential customers you reach.    

About the webinar

A new era is upon us.

Customers increasingly want to transact with businesses that share their viewpoints on the planet, profits and purpose.
But the truth is, most businesses don’t know precisely what their customers care about, or how to support those ideas with intention.

That’s why today’s smartest companies seek 1,000 perfect customers instead of 10,000 imperfect ones.

That can be your business. Data and analytics can help.

Join customer experience expert Jay Baer and Alex Kwiatkowski to find out how they focus in this fast-paced session that will last no more than 19 minutes.

They will explore:

  • How companies mine customer conversations for valuable insights.
  • How to reshape how you run your business to meet new customer needs.
  • How to create personalized, targeted messages that resonate with potential customers.

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About the Experts

Jay Baer, marketing and CX expert, author and advisor

Alex Kwiatkowski, Advisory Industry Consultant, SAS