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Is SAS® Studio Replacing SAS® Enterprise Guide®?

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About the webinar

Join this webinar to learn the differences between SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio.

We’ll discuss using SAS Studio on SAS 9.4, how that is different than SAS Studio on SAS® Viya®, and how to move your current projects and jobs to SAS Studio.
SAS Studio, a browser-based interface to SAS, was introduced in SAS 9.4 and has quickly become an alternative to other popular interfaces like SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Display Manager.

For Viya, SAS Studio is the primary interface – not only replacing those two interfaces but also SAS Data Integration Studio.

SAS Studio on Viya aims to provide a comfortable home for fans of the SAS®9 interfaces and is also the landing point for content migrated from SAS®9 to Viya.

You will learn:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of SAS Studio on SAS 9.4 and tips to help you choose between SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • What’s new in SAS Studio on SAS Viya and what’s planned.
  • How SAS Enterprise Guide projects and SAS Data Integration Studio jobs are converted to SAS Studio flows on Viya.  

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About the Expert

Amy Peters
Principal Product Manager, SAS Data Management 

Amy Peters has been at SAS for 34 years and is currently focusing on SAS Studio. As a SAS Base programmer herself, Amy brings a programmer’s perspective to designing products to meet the evolving needs of SAS programmers around the globe.