Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Getting Started With SAS®

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About the webinar

Join this special edition Ask the Expert webinar, where SAS experts will share helpful tips and tricks, best practices and showcase the latest analytical tools.

You’ll see demonstrations that distinguish the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS Studio for data access, discovery and reporting.

You will also learn tips and tricks for performance gains and harnessing resources that quickly answer common questions.


Welcome and agenda review
What is SAS Studio? Why should I care?
10 ways to optimize your SAS code
Where and how can I answer my SAS related questions?
SAS trivia game with prizes
Integrating SAS and Microsoft Office
Getting started with SAS Enterprise Guide

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About the Experts

Kate Schwarz
Senior Systems Engineer, SAS

Kate works on the SAS customer loyalty team. She has supported, positioned, demonstrated and proven the value of SAS for thousands of current and prospective customers since 2002. Schwarz is a technology generalist with more than 20 years of experience in data management, business intelligence and analytics.

Melodie Rush
Principal Systems Engineer, SAS

Melodie works on the Customer Success Technical Team at SAS. Since joining SAS, she has developed presentations and methodology for doing many types of analysis, including data mining, machine learning, forecasting, data exploration and visualization, quality control and marketing. She has spent more than 20 years helping companies identify and solve problems in each of these analytical areas.

Emily Hermanson
Customer Success Manager, SAS

Emily manages a portfolio of customers who have purchased SAS strategic technology and solutions. She supports her customers from onboarding through technology adoption and expansion. She enjoys understanding the business problems customers are trying to solve to best manage the adoption of the software and exceed customer expectations.