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Quoting in SAS® Macro Programming

On-Demand • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

The SAS macro facility provides a powerful, programmable text processing tool.

When a macro definition doesn't generate the expected SAS code, it's often due to underquoting or overquoting macro variables.

Join this webinar to learn about quoting in macro programs.

You’ll see a demonstration showing the effects of underquoting and overquoting macro variables and learn effective troubleshooting and correction techniques.

You will learn:

  • When and why quoting is necessary.
  • The perils of improper quoting.
  • Macro quoting techniques including: %STR, %NRSTR, %BQUOTE and %SUPERQ and the “Q” functions - %QSYSFUNC, %QSUBSTR, etc.

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About the Expert

Mark Jordan
Principal Technical Training Consultant, SAS

Mark Jordan served 20 years as a US Navy submariner, pursuing his passion for programming as a hobby. After retiring from the Navy, he turned his hobby into a dream job and has been a SAS programmer ever since. Jordan writes and teaches a broad spectrum of SAS Foundation programming classes, and his book, Mastering the SAS® DS2 Procedure: Advanced Data-Wrangling Techniques, is in its second edition. When he isn’t writing, teaching or blogging about “Jedi SAS Tricks,” Jordan enjoys playing with his grand- and great-grandchildren, hanging out at the beach and reading science fiction novels.