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Diving Deeper: How to Make VMware Perform With SAS®

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About the webinar

SAS can perform incredibly well within VMWare virtualized systems.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how. Join us as we explain how to configure and tune VMWare virtual machines for performant SAS usage.

You’ll learn about preferred storage attachment methods, VM placement, VM host tuning, VM facilities to avoid, and VM best practices for SAS.

You will learn:

  • How misconfiguration of VMWare can negatively affect SAS system stability and performance.
  • What VMWare configurations ensure best performance.
  • Specific VMWare tuning for host, network and storage operations.
  • Preferred host attachment methods for storage.

We recommend watching Introduction to Making VMware Perform With SAS, as this webinar is a part 2.

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About the Expert

Speaker 1

Tony Brown
Distinguished Software Performance Engineer, SAS

Tony Brown conducts software performance testing on a broad variety of hardware virtualization, servers, storage types and networks. He jointly tests and works with operating system, file system, hardware and third-party vendors to ensure SAS performance on their platforms and software. Brown globally supports SAS system customer performance on reporting and analysis, statistical modeling, vertical solutions, SAS Grid, and CAS or SAS® Viya® systems. He provides SAS performance architecture advice for on-site and cloud-based solutions.